HIV prevention can be hard. Getting PrEP shouldn't be.

TelePrEP is an in-home (or wherever you want to be) telemedical delivery model for PrEP in Iowa. Patients visit with a Pharmacist using a HIPAA compliant (secured) app on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Labs can be obtained locally by visiting an outpatient lab site or utilizing Iowa's extensive network of public health providers. 

Not sure how to navigate the system? Don't worry, that's our job! 

We believe that every Iowan who wants/needs PrEP should be able to get it without having to spend a whole day in the car and without risking a loss of privacy. 

Did we mention we can have PrEP mailed to your home?!​


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"As I learned more about PrEP, I still struggled with getting it due to time and financial restrictions...then I learned about TelePrEP and they quickly helped me get tested. I had to answer a few questions and within a few days I was on PrEP. It's been about four months now since I've been on it and I couldn't be happier. This is a great program and they're doing remarkable things... I couldn't be more thankful to this organization!"  --- CJ in Iowa City

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